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Part grade book.
Part grade coach.

It makes the grade.

Check your grades in seconds.

Know what assignments to work on first with AutoSort.

See the future impact any assignment will have with Grade Forecasting.

Designed for humans.

Nanotube is designed to let you check your grades completely in seconds, and it does that very well. Your missing assignments are in Classes. You only have to sign in once. No menus to wade through every time. Just tap the icon and there your grades are. It’s how it always should have been.

Make a big impact.

Nanotube knows what assignments are holding your grade down, and it automatically puts those to the top for you. AutoSort automatically sorts based on impact, so your most important missing assignments always come first in the list. Nanotube automatically does the work of figuring out what work you have to do.

Hello, tomorrow.

Ever wonder “how is this assignment impacting my grade”? Well, in Nanotube, just swipe over on any assignment, select any others you’re curious about, and then select the grade you see yourself getting. Nanotube then shows you what your overall grade becomes, in real time. It’s kind of like seeing the future.

It works for you, not for us.

All on-device.

Everything Nanotube does runs on your device, not our servers, which means we don’t ever see your grades.

No ads. Ever.

We’ll never run ads in Nanotube, because we hate ads too. Putting ads in would force us to make you the product, and we don't want to do that.

No tracking. Ever.

We build everything we make with privacy in mind here at Allotrope, and that means that we don’t know anything about you specifically.

Apple will send us anonymized crash reports if you opt in when you set up your phone, and we ask to collect additional anonymized logging data (so we can fix bugs faster).

If you opt in to sending us logging data, we’ll also ask if you want to include your school district in those logs. If you say yes, then the logs include your school district, but we make sure to redact any personal info (like your name, email, username, or student ID).

No new accounts.

You just sign in with your existing StudentVUE account, and we handle the rest. We also never see your username or password.

Get your first 3 months on us.

There’s no commitment, and you can cancel anytime.

And after that, it’s only a dollar a year.

Coming this January.

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